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A six year old block of Super Chief
®Red Delicious apples on M26 EMLA were used to conduct
this experiment at the Rutgers University, Snyder Research and Extension Farm site. The
experiment was arandomized complete block design with single tree treatments and five

Pittstown Fruit Farm, Inc. provided a 10 year old block of Red Chief®Red Delicious on M26 for
the second experiment. This trial was conducted in a randomized complete block design containing
seven replications with single tree treatments.

Materials and Methods:

The efficacy of Typy[TM] was compared to the industry standard Promalin
®and against untreated
control trees in both experiments for promoting calyx elongation. The labeled single application
rate of 1 pint/acre and time of application (early king bloom to the early stages of petal fall) was
followed. The treatment rates and application timing were identical for both trials.

IMAGE Imgs/99typyrpt02.gif

Trees from both trials are comparable in size
and canopy volume (Fig. 2). Tree row
volume was established at 154 gallons per
acre dilute, and treatments were applied with
a handgun sprayer until runoff, to ensure
adequate coverage of the fruit receptacles. A

®D8 size stainless steel Disc nozzle
was used in the handgun, and operated at 160
psi. Output of the nozzle was calibrated to
3.897 gpm for the nozzle at 160 psi, and each
treatment was sprayed for 10 seconds (5
sec/side) to attain proper output.

Figure 2

TREATMENT #1 - Untreated control

Table 1: Treatments

TREATMENT #2 - Typy[TM] (1 pt / 100 dilute equivalent based on 154 gpa TRV) Regulaid®(Kalo,
Inc.) at 1 pt/100.

TREATMENT #3 - Promalin®(1 pt / 100
dilute equivalent based on 154 gpa TRV)

All treatments were applied May 10 and included 1 pint Regulaid®(Kalo, Inc.) at 1 pt/100.

1999 Typy[TM]Report