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Figure 2. Effect of treatments on fruit size, Snyder Farm study

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Experiment 2-MacSpur


The block was harvested on 20 September and held in conventional cold storage(32º F and 95%
RH) until they could be graded and sorted on 14 December. At harvest, two bins (20 bushel) of each
treatment were separately harvested and stored for data collection. A commercial Durand-Wayland
belt grader was used to determine packout. The grader was set to 5 grade variants and tested for
accuracy prior to the commencement of data collection. The grade variants were determined utilizing
ring sizers with 20 bushels of "test" fruit run over the grader to certify accuracy.

Table 7: MacSpurgradeout for Best Fruit Farm Trial

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There was no significant difference at any grade between the two treatments when evaluated for

Experiment 2-Starkrimson


Due to miscommunication between our grower cooperator and the harvest crew, treatment fruit were
not harvested and stored for evaluation. Visual observations during the growing season were made.
The foliage on the Procure
®50WS treated trees appeared larger and healthier. Growers' statement "I
thought foliage was better on all Procure treated trees", was consistent with our observations.

1999 Procure®50WS Report