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Horticultural Research Twilight Meeting
Fruit Trials, Snyder Research and Extension Farm
August 31, 2000


Apogee (BAS-125) PGR Trial for Vegetative Growth Control

Variety: 10 yr. Freedom/M26
Objective: Evaluate the vegetative growth controlling properties of Apogee in a production
orchard setting prior to market introduction.

Accel S Thinning / Sizing Trial

Variety: 10 yr. Liberty/M26
Objective: Determine the thinning and sizing characteristics of Accel S when applied in multiple
low rates.
Multiple doses of Accel S were applied in concentrations that are not expected to produce a thinning
response. The main objective of these rates is to improve cell division of the apple, and therefore
increase overall size. A thinning response was noticed, with multiple low rates, in a trial that was
conducted last year. This year the trial was expanded to not only evaluate the sizing effect of multiple
low rates, but also the thinning effect multiple low rates and their timing may have on apples.

1999 Procure 50 WS Evaluations in Empire Apple

Variety: 10 yr. Empire/M26
Objective: Evaluation of size influencing characteristics of Procure 50WS fungicide in
comparison to new compounds.
Procure 50WS is a new sterol inhibitor class fungicide that has shown to actually increase the size of
apples when compared to other chemistries of the same class. The results of a trial that was conducted
last year emulated similar results observed in national trials. Procure 50WS actually increased size and
uniformity of packout on Empire apples when compared to other chemistries in its class. The trial was
expanded this year to evaluate Procure 50WS in conjunction with other chemistries in different classes,
but with similar modes of action, to see if it could provide the same increase in size.

Azoxystrobin Fungicide Apple Phytotoxicity Study

Variety: Multiple variety screening
Objective: Examine sensitivity of cultivars to Azoxystrobin (AZ) fungicide.
Quadris F and Abound SC are two completely new fungicides that are highly effective in controlling a
broad spectrum of plant diseases. Complete defoliation of apple cultivars such as McIntosh has been
observed when minute amounts of this residue come into contact with the variety's tissue. A wide
screening of multiple apple varieties is being conducted in order to determine varietal sensitivity to
these compounds.

Typy PGR Trial

Variety: 6 yr. Old Superchief Red Delicious / M26
Objective: Evaluate Typy PGR in a trial with Promalin PGR for increasing Red Delicious
Promalin, the long time industry standard for increasing Red Delicious calyx elongation is being
compared with Agtrol Inc.'s Gibberellins and 1H-purine-6-amine formulation in a comparative study.

1999 North Jersey Tree Fruit Annual Report