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Roundheaded Apple Tree Borer

July 13, 1998 --  The Roundheaded Apple Tree Borer is one of a number of borers that can attack apple trees.   Another borer is the Dogwood Borer.  There are orchard practices that will aid in preventing infestations (i.e., keeping weeds away from base of tree,  white trunk paint, etc.).  At this point in the growing season, certain insecticides sprays that reach the lower part of the trunk will help in management.  Details on management options will appear in the August issue of the Vermont Apple Newsletter.  Please Note -- Borer problems have been associated with the type of mouse guards depicted below:

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DD Accumulations at UVM Hort. Research Center, 07/15/98

  • Base 43: 1808 (from Jan 01)
  • Base 43:  906 (from June 8, start of STLM 2nd moth flight)
  • Base 50: 1167 (from Jan 01)
  • Base 50: 986 (from May 7, 1st Codling Moth trap capture, 2nd generation period predicted at 1260-1370 DD)

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7/8/98: IPM Alert

7/1/98: Vermont Apple Newsletter

6/25/98:  IPM Alert

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