Registration and Information Form for the 1998 NE-183 meeting





Phone number: _______________________________

E-Mail: _______________________________

I will be arriving at the Portland Airport on (date)_________ at (time)_______.

I will _____ or will not _____ be using Anthony's Shuttle Service (541-752-7831).

I will _____ or will not _____ rent a car at the Portland Airport.

I will _____ or will not _____ attend the tour on 17 November of Meadowlake and Treco nurseries.

I will _____ or will not _____ be attending the NC-140 meeting in Hood River.

I will _____ or will not _____ need transportation to Hood River.

I have special food requirements (specify):



Other comments/concerns/ etc.:



Make your $65.00 check payable to the Agricultural Research Foundation.